"Keely Jeanise" Brown


Keely is an emerging artist from Saint Louis, Missouri who works primarily with acrylic paint. She's managed to capture the eyes of collectors with her vibrant color combinations, dynamic shapes, as well as her free-hand brush work when painting bold, crisp outlines.

“Art gives me something to always be excited about. I loved drawing and creating as a really young child and began focusing more on painting during my high school years. Today, I’m inspired by my passions for photography, imagery, nature, love, color, music that moves me, and intriguing compositions that can carry your eyes to every corner of the surface. My God given purpose and goal in this life is to inspire and uplift others through my creativity, giving people something to feel good about.”

Holding a BFA from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Keely’s work has been acknowledged locally in the St. Louis American Newspaper, auctioned off for charity, awarded by ArtMart supply store, and also displayed at numerous locations including St. Louis' Contemporary Arts Museum and VH1’s Black Ink location in Atlanta, GA.