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"Keely Jeanise" Brown


Keely Jeanise is an acrylic paint artist from Saint Louis, Missouri who adds a unique twist to Cubism Pop Art. Her inspiration to create is driven by her passions for photography, nature, beauty, love, color, and music. She's managed to capture the eyes of collectors with her vibrant color combinations, free-hand brush strokes when creating bold, crisp lines, and occasionally sequins to add a touch of shimmer.

The youngest of 4 children, Keely grew up playing outdoors or in her bedroom with Lisa Frank folders, coloring books, and little projects made of gathered materials. Highlighters, ink pens, Sharpies, colored printing paper, and a used dry erase board were just the beginning of it all when her parents would bring home extra office supplies from work to support her love for creating.

Keely made her first sale after completing a commissioned portrait drawing for her high school bus driver. She was later introduced to acrylics in a required painting class where she learned to paint portraits. During college, Keely studied Graphic Design before becoming a Painting major 2 years later and interning at a gallery as a receptionist. Her background in Design has continued to have a significant impact on her current process today when creating each painting. 

Holding a BFA from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis, Keely’s paintings have been acknowledged locally in the St. Louis American Newspaper, auctioned off for charity, awarded by a local art supply store, and displayed in a variety of scenes including galleries, coffee shops, and VH1’s Black Ink location in Atlanta, GA. She currently has 60+ sold paintings and hundreds of prints distributed to collectors across the United States.

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"I want to inspire and uplift others. I want to be about more than just art."

- Keely Jeanise

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